Spectacular Views of Shinkansen Bullet Trains from AER’s Observation Deck near Sendai Station

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As someone who has a son that loves Shinkansen bullet trains, I often take him to Sendai Station to watch and take pictures together on the platform. But recently, I discovered another great spot that offers a unique vantage point of the trains: the observation deck at the AER building near the station.

This observation deck is a must-visit for anyone looking to enjoy breathtaking views of Sendai City. To get to the observation floor, take the elevator and enter through the doors on the Sendai Station side. Once inside, you’ll likely hear the shutter clicks of fellow photographers capturing shots of the Shinkansen.

Some people use cameras with telephoto lenses, while others use their smartphones. Many were aiming their lenses at Sendai Station and the passing bullet trains, making me think that this observation deck is an excellent spot for train enthusiasts to capture stunning images.

But beyond the trains, the view from the observation deck is also worth the trip. You can see all the way out to the sea!

The observation deck is open to the public during certain hours, which may vary. Be sure to check the facility’s website for more information. AER’s website is https://www.sendai-aer.com/


If you find yourself waiting for family near Sendai Station, this is a great place to pass the time watching Shinkansen trains go by. Keep in mind that the number of trains during the day is lower than at other times, so it might be best to come during peak hours.

In addition to the observation deck, AER also offers shopping and other amenities, making it a great place to stop by during your visit to Sendai.

I hope you’ll have a chance to visit this fantastic observation deck and experience the beauty of Sendai City from a whole new perspective!

At that time, there was still snow on the ground. The colorful Shinkansen trains stood out beautifully against the snowy backdrop.
E7 series Shinkansen running in Sendai

I had never seen the E7 series Shinkansen running in Sendai before, but I was able to spot one from the observation deck. It was quite a sight to see it speeding by.

The night view from the observation deck was also beautiful.

On another day, I brought my children with me on a Saturday night. Since it wasn’t too crowded, I was able to show them around properly. We could occasionally hear the sounds of conventional trains passing by. The Shinkansen runs according to the timetable, so it’s not like they come and go frequently. Unlike watching the Shinkansen from the platform, the night view looked like a diorama, which was also exciting for my children.”

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